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Wine Appraisals

Know the fair market value of your collection. We specialize in fine and rare wine appraisals.  Having your wines appraised by a wine professional along with someone that is a member of professional personal property organization such as:  ISA, ASA, or AAA solidifies you’re going to get a professional wine appraisal in return.

With a professional wine appraisal, you can insure your collection, protect yourself in insurance claim, use in court and in litigation in divorce settlements, estate distribution, and equitable distributions.

We now offer USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) Complaint Wine Appraisals. 

Special announcement:

Both Mike and Paula Widmaier have recently become members of the ISA!! (International Society of Appraisers)

You can check out Mike’s ISA bio here:

And check out Paula’s ISA bio here:

A detailed wine appraisal is the best way to insure your collection and to know the fair market value during the unfortunate events of Divorce, Damage, Death, or Debt.

We use 4 different pricing databases to give you an accurate monetary value for your collection.

Even if your intention is to liquidate your collection, give us a call first.

While evaluating your collection we can recommend several different resale options and discuss with you the best choice for your collection. We act as your representative, utilizing the relationships we have developed with the top wine auction houses and wine resellers, including online retail and auction options. Any single institution is going to give you advice that is also in their best interest, not solely yours.

I have an unbiased opinion and my priority is to get you the most money for your collection.

Why do I need my wines professionally appraised?

  • Insurance Policies
  • Loss Claims
  • Charitable Donations
  • Wine Authentication
  • Legal Arbitration
  • Estate Settlements

For more information on our wine appraisals and/or wine cellar evaluations reach out to us here.