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In The Cellar With Mike

Every cellar project is unique. To help explain past projects and how I was able to help each client, watch the series of short client profile videos below.   These videos should give you an idea of how I can assist you with your wine collection.  Customer Service is what we do!

Client #1: Ongoing client that I’ve helped for the past 8+years. Every spring and fall shipping season I assist with the checking in of all delivers, organization and maintenance of a collection topping 15,000 bottles in total. This collector is part of the inspiration of Chicago Wine Consulting and the development of helping private clients. All wines are cataloged in Cellar Tracker and barcoded.


Client 2: Complete cellar audit/reconciliation of wines inventoried in Cellar Tracker. With a majority of this 9,300+ bottle collection being stored off-site, first an audit of the storage cellar, then an audit of the home cellar, then a move from a 2,000 bottle home cellar to a new condo with a 180 bottle wine fridge.

Client #3: Complete inventory and upload to Cellar Tracker. This client has 12,000+ bottles with 1,000 at his home cellar and 11,000 bottles stored off-site between 6 different storage lockers.


Client #4: Home cellar relocation, complete organization, inventory, and upload to Cellar Tracker. 3,500+ bottle collection that was consolidated into just the home cellar location from 2 additional off-site storage lockers.


Client #6: Complete cellar audit/reconciliation of wines inventoried in Cellar Tracker. 13,000+ bottle collection with 3 different storage cellars inside of the home cellar. With an additional 3 off-site wine storage lockers at 3 different wine storage facilities, wines from these off-site storage lockers consolidated between the home cellar and into 1 off-site storage locker.