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Chicago Wine Consulting exists for one reason; for you the wine collector/wine fanatic. The goal is simple; to take care of all the wine needs of my clients while working with them. Everyone’s wine needs are different. The personalized service that I offer will help you achieve any of your wine needs or goals. Check out the wine cellar services I offer and take a look at some past cellar projects to see how it works!



The Art of Professional Wine Cellar Management

Wine cellar management is very comparable to painting. It’s boring, tedious, mundane, and very hard work if done correctly. And similar to painting, there’s a difference between a professional job and having some college kids do it. With your wine collection, the end result is accuracy! Unfortunately with your collection, you may never know until it’s too late. You’ll discover that inventory discrepancy when you’re looking for your last bottles of a wine very special to you while looking in a box, bin, or on a shelf only to find an inventory error. Have your wine collection inventoried by a professional once and have it done right!